Inflammation ~ What It Is And How to Fix It

Wikipedia states that inflammation is “part of the complex biological response of body tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants,[1] and is a protective response involving immune cells, blood vessels, and molecular mediators. The function of inflammation is to eliminate the initial cause of cell injury, clear out necrotic cells and tissues damaged from the original insult and the inflammatory process, and to initiate tissue repair.” You could say the inflammation is protecting your body, because it is the body’s natural response to injury or infection.

Inflammation can be acute (sudden onset) or chronic.  An Acute inflammation can be caused by a series of biochemical events that propagate and mature the inflammatory response. Classic symptoms can be a tumor, pain, heat, redness and swelling.

On the other hand, Chronic inflammation may do much more damage. Chronic inflammation, a prolonged inflammation can lead to a progressive shift in the type of cells present at the site of the inflammation, such as mononuclear cells (blood cells having a round nucleous and consist of T cells, B cells, NK cells and monocytes), and is characterized by a simultaneous destruction and healing of the tissue from the inflammatory process.

An article written in the November 9, 2009 issue of US News by Deborah Kotz states that normally, inflammation is part of the body’s immune response.   She states that “Chronic “hidden” inflammation occurs throughout the body when something kick-starts the immune system and disengages the shut-off button.”

What the cause  is can differ from person to person: repeated or prolonged infections, smoking, or gum disease. Obesity and diet can cause an inflammatory response. Prolonged inflammation can lead to cancer and can lead to a build-up of plaque in the arteries.

Talk to your doctor if you have concerns. A test that measures an inflammatory marker called C-Reactive protein is available for those at a high risk of heart disease.


Truly, this is a lot of medical information that most people, including myself, don’t quite understand, but it is important to try to. I too have suffered with chronic inflammation and I have had to make changes in my lifestyle to obtain optimal health.

As mentioned, diet can cause inflammation. If you are on a fast food diet, eat lots of refined sugars and/or artificial sugars, you can be at a higher risk for disease.

A natural way of dealing with inflammation and to start seeing positive changes in your body, is to start eating more natural foods. Good foods that come from the earth are full of nutrients and enzymes that can assist your body with the healing process.

A great quote I found is an Ayurvedic proverb and simply says: When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct medicine is of no need.” I love that. Basically, “let food be thy medicine.”

Of course, medicine has its place, but if we treat our bodies with respect, there is less need for medicine.

Other foods that can help heal the body and reduce inflammation are Tumeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Garlic, Cayenne, Black Pepper and Clove. Your meals should not be boring if using these herbs and spices.

A source to utilize if you want to change your diet is Dr. Andrew Weil. Check at his website at He has a great anti-inflammatory diet based on the Mediterranean diet. He gives you a plethora of food choices that will get you feeling better in no time at all.

Also check out This supplement is a complete and balanced food source that you can use either as a supplement or meal replacement with the addition of a few good ingredients.

Another great source of nutrition is Isagenix. Check out this website:

I have personally used and sold both Reliv and Isagenix, but am now a full time distributor for Isagenix. Both products are great!

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