Why I Don’t Write Poetry, Paint Or Sketch

I don’t write poetry as I don’t think I am poetic.  I don’t paint or sketch as I don’t think of myself as artistic.  However, my creativity comes from making homemade skin care products.

Back in the 90’s I used to work at one of our local malls in their management office.  Towards the end of my tenure and due to some corporate restructuring, I was moved to our Marketing Dept.  This department was in charge of the mall events and public relations.

One weekend we held a health fair and one of the participants was a natural skin care company.  You may ask what skin care has to do with health.  I asked the same thing.  So, one of my associates and I went to their booth and listened to what they had to say about their product.  This company promotes products that are pure, safe and beneficial and botanical in nature.  No harmful ingredients including mineral oil, perfumes, chemicals and dyes are used in these products.  We then agreed to have a hand treatment and I was hooked.  I was so in love with the product and its ideals that I became a consultant right then and there.

Although I still have an association with this company I no longer sell their products.  The concept of safe products has followed me through the years and it has become a habit for me to read labels.  I not only care about what I put into my body, I also care about what I put on my body.

Fast forward several years and I am now making and selling my own home made bath and body care products that are all natural, on a website called Etsy.  My store is Heartfelt Inspirations.  These products are not perfect, but I am not a professional, a fact that I hope to change in the future.

To accomplish this goal I would like to learn more about herbs and essential oils and aromatherapy and take classes to learn how to make a more professional product.  My hope is that this will become my reality in the near future as I now have a vehicle that will afford me the time and financial freedom to accomplish the things that I dream about.

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Author: thisgoodday2016

I am just an average girl who works full time and I have a small shop on Etsy. This is my hobby which when creating and making my products I feel totally relaxed.

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