Tea Ceremonies From Around the World

Many cultures have tea ceremonies and rituals which I think is very cool, but totally unknown in this country . . . or is it? Some information taken from World Tea News shows that:   

 masala-chai-tea India: The Land of Chai Tea

India produces and consumes more tea than any other country in the world. Chai is the national drink in India and it is served literally on every street corner – especially in crowded train stations, where you can see people selling it at all times of the day and night. If you ever get invited to an Indian house (remember that here guests can drop by anytime without warning) prepare yourself to taste a sweet and a bit spiced milk-tea

matcha-tea-1  Japan: The Matcha Ceremony

In Japan tea is an important part of the food culture. Even though, the diversity of tea here is quite big, when someone mentions the word “tea” without specifying the type, it´s green to which is referred (green and Chinese tea are also some of the most popular ones). The ceremony of tea is known here as Matcha, which consists of serving green tea to a small group of people in one of those popular tea houses.

 moroccan-tea-ritual  Morocco: Mint Tea, The Heart of the Culture  

It is almost impossible to spend 24 hours in a Moroccan city and to not be served hot tea. Touareg tea, or Moroccan mint tea is literally the heart of their culture. Strongly linked to the act of hospitality, the mint tea is served to guests three times with each glass meaning a different thing – Life, love and death. Of course, all of them have to be drunk.

iced-tea USA: The Tea Explosion

Whether cold or warm, in the morning or at night, tea is one of the most popular non-alcoholic drinks in the States. Here it is possible to find green, red and even the oolong tea, the traditional Chinese tea. In this sense, it doesn´t matter the type of tea as they are all included in North American people’s healthy diet.  Here in the desert southwest, iced tea is consumed pretty much year round.

Today we can say that coffee is still preferred for the morning ritual, ice tea is often consumed with lunch and all types of tea are drunk in the evenings.

maori-lifestyles  New Zealand: The “tea-break”

According to historians, New Zealand imported considerable amounts of tea in the nineteenth century, with the arrival of the British missionaries. Today people experiment with other types of tea like the Japanese green tea, blends like earl grey, and Chinese teas such as oolong. Like in America, the interest for this drink comes from tea’s reputation and its health benefits.  

 british-tea   Britain: Classic Afternoon Tea

We all know that Britain is the place on the Earth where people can drink a cup of tea even before they go to bed. Yes, British people can’t live without this ancient drink which they brought from India from the time when Britain was an empire. Despite the coffee fuelled culture, tea is still the first hot drink chosen by the British population.

These are just a handful of countries listed.  This article talks about the rituals, but what about the health benefits of tea?

Teas contain antioxidants and phytochemicals.  Harvard Health reports that Green Tea is probably the most beneficial to health and contains these substances that may lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and heart disease.  Green tea may also build bone density and strength.  Tea is also very hydrating.

Green tea, black, white and red teas are all very immune building and of course tasty.   If you have a need to sweeten your tea, please only add raw organic sugar or stevia.  If you prefer honey, please only add organic raw honey to your beverage.  Most of all enjoy!  Create your own little ceremony.