Juggling Life With A Full Time Job



It’s not easy working a full day outside the home, then coming home to get chores done and start working your online businesses.

I am up a little before 4 a.m. every day. Once I am ready, I am generally out the door by 5:15 A.M.  I drive about 50 minutes one way.  I do my due diligence and I drive home for another 50 minutes this time fighting a lot of traffic.  This makes for a very stressful drive home.

Once home, I then take a few minutes to catch my breath before I start the usual household chores which include cleaning, cooking and prepping for the next day’s work. Then, if it is not too late and I am still energetic, I sit down and work on my businesses.  Many times my head does not hit the pillow till around 11 P.M. and if I am lucky I can get maybe 4.5 hours of sleep, but that is usually not the norm.  Then it starts all over again.

The problem is, I am not doing a good job juggling a job, chores and businesses. I  have a small shop on Etsy  where I make organic artisan soaps and spa products which is pure joy to me.  I am also trying to figure out online marketing and blogging.   Unfortunately, my businesses struggle because of my lack of time and energy to work them. So, there are times my posts are short, sweet and to the point or no posts at all. This was true especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Talk about busy.  No time at all to work on anything other than getting the house ready for guests and a lot of cooking.  In fact, I wrote a blog on handling holiday stress and I did put into practice some of my suggestions. How To Avoid Holiday Stress

Are any of you in this same position?  How are you handling the juggling of life in the busy world that we live in?  Feel free to leave your comments.