Take A Deep Breath


I love to garden.  I love to feel the soil in my hands.  When I am working outdoors, everything is right with the world.  Early in the morning, when the sounds of the world are minimal, I can hear the birds sing.  There might also be a slight breeze blowing.  This is one of the most beautiful and relaxing times for me as I feel the birds are singing their songs to me.  At times it even brings tears to my eyes.



I love plants, flowers and trees.  In this slight breeze I imagine they are dancing and the trees are lifting their branches high in praises to God their maker.

The feel of the soil, the sounds of the air, all bring me to a place of peace and rest.  I feel grounded.  Take some time for yourselves to just breathe deeply, relax and forget the cares of the world.  Be at peace, but also become energized by nature.